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Engineered Structural Repairs in Kamloops

N & H Contracting Ltd. is your go-to contractor for lmajor structural repairs in Kamloops. Some common problems faced by many homeowners are sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls, and uneven floors. The foundations of homes and other structures situated on unstable soils are affected by extreme moisture conditions or the lack of proper drainage. We work off of engineered drawings, but here are a few indications of foundation settling problems:

Cracks in ceilings and interior walls

Cracks in foundation walls

Cracks in exterior walls

Buckled or sunken interior concrete floors

Doors and windows that stick and doesn’t open properly

As exclusive dealers of CHANCE Helical Pier System in the area, we use CHANCE helical screw piles to solve these problems. This foundation system has been a great success in many residential and commercial projects because it allows us to lift the structure with minimal disruption. Hire us today.

CHANCE Helical Pier – A Versatile and Technically Sound System

If it is hard to set up a traditional foundation system due to poor soil conditions, helical piers can be used to improve stability and reduce damage. This system is also an ideal choice for repairing existing foundations that have cracks or are weak. Other advantages are:

Lower cost – for both the system and its installation

Installation is quicker compared to other methods

Excavation is limited with minimal disruption

Pre piling in problem soil areas

A great alternative to heavy equipment

Can be installed in limited access areas

Can be used in new home construction to enhance foundation strength with poor soil conditions

Hassle-free Major Structural Repair Service

A shifting foundation may result in structural damage to your home and loss of investment. Hire us to keep your property safe.

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